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PPS Ferrite

    Detailed Description

    PPS ferrite magnet injection molded magnetBrand Name:ABMModel Number:Injection molded magnetType:PermanentComposite:NdFeB/Ferrite/binder (PPS,Website:, PA6/PA12)Shape:according to customer's requirementApplication:Industrial MagnetSize:Customized Magnet SizeCertification:ROHSMagnetism direction:Customzied Specific RequirementsProduct Name:Injection molded magnetTolerance:0.05mmMaterial:NdFeB, Ferrite, binder (PPS,PA6,PA12)Grade:Br (1800-6100gauss)About Injection Molded MagnetsInjection molded magnets are essentially fully dense magnetic powders blended with a variety of thermoplastic base materials. Depending on the combination of magnetic material and thermoplastic selected, a wide range of final magnetic properties and mechanical properties will be.Advantages Of Injection Molded Magnets- Complicated shape- High variety of field distributions- Magnetizing with complex patterns- Good mechanical strength- Low cost- Low weight- High output rates